VMware View4-Licensing; Issue with View Bundles solved

**Update** June 11th 2010, vSphere4U2 and vCenter4U2 went GA. This solves the View bundles licensing issue mentioned below. U2 can be found here.

When View4 came out, I received a couple of phone calls from partners and customers telling me they ran into an error with powered on VM’s. Gabrie van Zanten posted an article about this issue.

Not too long after the first calls, VMware posted a KB: VMware View 4.0 virtual machines on an ESX 4.0 host do not power on

Symptons are:

  • Virtual machines on an ESX 4.0 host do not power on.
  • This issue occurs even if less connections are active than the View Manager is licensed for.
  • You see the error: There is not enough capacity for this operation.
  • This issue only applies to customers using View 4 bundles that include vSphere for Desktops, vCenter Server and View Manager.
  • This issue does not occur if you are running on vSphere per CPU with View Manager.

Last week I received calls from customers who are using the temporary key. They key will expire soon and asked me when VMware will solve this issue permanently.

I did some digging and asked a couple of Product Managers. They told me this issue will be solved with vSphere4U2. For all customers and partners who have this issue; plan to install this update and use your own View4 key again.