Project Enzo: The new, fast, scalable and hybrid workspace solution

Enzo banner

I have to admit, just the name made me curious already. But, after reading about Enzo, seeing the video’s and talking to colleagues, my curiosity went through the roof because everything about Enzo is bold!

Just a couple of statements;

  • From scratch, have the first desktop up and running in an hour,
  • From 1 to 2,000 desktops in 20 minutes,
  • Create 100 desktops in under a minute,
  • No more downtime for app, OS and infrastructure/system updates,
  • Desktops can be placed on premises, in the Cloud or both, and move them back and forth,
  • It will cost less than a cup of coffee…..

So, what is Project Enzo?

Enzo is a new way of building, delivering and managing virtual workspaces (apps and desktops) with a unified, single pane of glass management interface. Administrators can manage these workspaces on premises and in the Cloud, and move the apps and desktops between the 2.

Which components make Enzo?


The ground layer is “Enzo Ready Infrastructure”. The can be EVO:RAIL, EVO:RACK or other Hyper Converged Infrastructure appliance from VMware partners which are Enzo enabled. The intelligence that is responsible for the set up, orchestration and automation comes from VMware Smart Node technology. This will be a virtual appliance, pre configured, sitting on the appliances.

The second layer is the desktop layer. Because of new technologies like instant cloning (and I will write a blog about that soon) Enzo will be capable of getting desktops up and running in seconds. Not only cloning will go incredibly fast, but you most likely will save on vm’s because over provisioning of vm’s will be reduced. Just-in-Time desktop means vm’s will be created when users are demanding them. Nowadays, vm’s are provisioned up front most of the time. With “JIT” desktops, other solutions like App Volumes and VMware User Environment Manager come into play to deliver apps and personalize the desktop.

The 3rd layer is the management layer. It is called the Enzo Control Plane. This web-based portal will be delivered to customers as a cloud based service. It will be hosted on VMware’s vCloud Air platform. Via this portal you can set up your Enzo environment, deliver apps and desktops and monitor all components. And because of this hosted portal, you can connect your private environment to public cloud environments and move apps and desktops from 1 to the other.

A public beta will come out this summer. Visit There you can register for Early Access and get more info on Project Enzo, watch a video and webinar about Enzo.

More info to come about this amazing project. Stay tuned