VMware View4.5-Web Download Portal; Basics

In View 4.0/4.0.1, when you would connect to the View Manager as a user through a browser (so called Web Portal; https://IP/) and you didn’t have the View Client installed, an ActiveX component would install a smaller version of the full View Client. This way you would miss out on a couple of features like ThinPrint and USB Redirection.

In View4.5 this mechanism has changed. The Web Portal has become a full version Download Portal. See screenshots below (in this case from a Mac);

This way all users can get their own View Client themselves and it is a full Client.All features like PCoIP, ThinPrint, USB and MMR redirection are in the client. The broker URL will be installed in the Client automatically so users don’t need to do anything about that during the installation.

I do get questions from partners and customers when access to vdesktops via a browser will come back. I don’t have an answer on that. If it was up to me, it would come back in the short term and that you don’t need administrator rights to download and install the ActiveX component which also get removed automatically when you close your VM.

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