VMware View- VMware View & Fusion-IO VDI appliance

On the 11th of February, VMware and Fusion-io in The Netherlands launched the “VMware View & Fusion-io VDI Appliance”. ┬áSimplicity is the main word to describe this out of the box VDI infrastructure.

The appliance consists of a server with enough CPU and memory for 50 or 100 users, VMware View Bundle (vSphere included) and a Fushion-io storage card. A VMware partner could preconfigure this for end customers so it’s almost a matter of powering up the server and start using your new Virtual Desktop environment.

In my opinion, this appliance is introduced to say VDI isn’t difficult with this appliance. Many of us heard the scary stories about storage and VDI. Also, VDI is “difficult”. With this appliance customers shouldn’t be afraid anymore; Storage isn’t an issue anymore. The Fusion-io card delivers so many IO’s (and I have tested the cards and I was blown away!) that you don’t have to focus on VM’s and storage IO’s.

See attached the brochure about the VMware View & Fusion-io appliance.

VMware View & Fusion-OI 2011

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