Get the overview; VMware End User Computing vision

VMware View and ThinApp have been around for a while now. It is about virtualizing desktops and current Windows applications. All pretty straight forward and easy to understand and give it a place in your environment.

Suddenly, all new products were announced; Horizon App Manager, Appblast, Sliderocket, Octopus, Mozy, Zimbra and Socialcast. I can hear you think; where do these products fit in my organization, in my strategy for the coming years?

I can imagine everything around End User Computing is going very fast. I have noticed people hear about the different, new products but don’t have the clear overview picture; what’s the goal, steps to get there? What’s VMware’s End User Computing vision? It’s been out there for a little while but maybe it can’t hurt to discuss it again.

The vision starts with the end goal, the platform for the Post-PC Era. This platform is built on 3 pillars;

  • Simplify
  • Manage
  • Connect

“Simplify” is all about freeing up end user assets in backend silos and transform them to managed services,

After you have simplified the backend, you can define a new central hub where IT can set policies on who gets what, when, on which device and with which security policies, the “manage” pillar,

The “connect pillar is about the user connecting with the device of choice and getting the right applications and data

To get to this Post-PC Era platform, there is a 3-step journey ahead;

  • Improve what you have,
  • Embrace the Cloud,
  • Escape to the Cloud.

During the “Improve what you have” phase, you try to virtualize as much as possible. Use VMware View to turn desktop in a managed service. This gives you central management/security and universal access. Also, virtualize as many Windows applications with VMware ThinApp. Decouple the PC-layers Hardware, OS, applications and User with virtualization.

The second step is “Embrace the Cloud”; embrace Horizon App Manager. With App Manager you can create a central application store for all your applications; mobile, SaaS, Windows, virtualized applications.  It also is a central place to set policies; security, management and provisioning policies. When you have to replace certain applications, replace them with SaaS apps. These new SaaS apps can easily be placed in Horizon App Manager.

“Escape to the Cloud” means you are moving more and more services into the Cloud. Cloud in this case, can be private and/or public. Decommission applications when needed and choose a new service from the Cloud. Also, think about Project Octopus and Appblast, Zimbra, Socialcast and Sliderocket.

So, there is a journey, there are steps to take to get to the Post-PC Era platform.  Sometimes the lines between steps are thin. Sliderocket, for example, can be of interest in step 2 for some customers and in step 3 for others. The journey is a guideline. If you like to see Vittorio Viarengo explain the vision, take a look here.

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