ThinApp Setup Capture; Basics (video included)

A little while ago I wrote an article about one of the biggest secrets of VMware; ThinApp.  I wrote about what ThinApp is, how it fits in the End User Computing vision and what the features are.

Today, I would like to continue and show you the basics around virtualizing an application using ThinApp. I created a video where I virtualize Mozilla Firefox. I will show you all the steps creating the virtual “bubble”.  Many people haven’t seen or touched ThinApp and I would like to show you what the process is., the steps to take.  I won’t discuss details and features. This is purely about the basics. More information about details will follow shortly.

So, where to start…

For anyone who is interested in trying out ThinApp, you can download a trial. Click here for your 60-day evaluation.

After the software, you need a machine to “capture” your application/create your virtual applications.  Personally, I use Virtual Machines on VMware Fusion.  VM’s are great for ThinApp-ing. Create a snapshot of your VM and you can install, change, do whatever you want and after you’re done, revert to the snapshot and you can go ahead with another application. You can package on Windows XP or Windows 7. Choose the OS which is the “oldest” in your environment. If you have a mixed XP and W7 environment and you want a package to run on both, package the application on XP. Keep this machine as clean as possible. Install patches and leave it like that.  After that, install the ThinApp Setup Capture application, and lastly, take a snapshot.

Right, you are good to go. Pick your application and follow the steps in the video.

Again, I’m not touching details like entry points, data container, isolation modes, AppLink and ThinDirect. I will blog about those soon. In case you want to read ahead, see below for more information;

Entry points/Data container

Isolation Modes


Enjoy creating your first ThinApp package!

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