Unprotect/Remove a Replica in VMware View

Although you can find information on the Internet about unprotecting a Replica, I do get questions about how to unprotect one once in a while. Below you will find a step by step on how to Unprotect and Remove a replica VM.

First a little bit of background information. When you provision a Pool of VM’s based on Linked Clones, a Replica VM/entity will be created in vCenter. This Replica is based on your Parent VM+Snapshot you point to when you use the “Add Pool” wizard in View Manager. This Replica is the Read-only part for your Linked Clones and in vCenter it looks like; “replica-7e710c51-4844-441a-925d-3f8df484f138” (of course the part after “replica” will be different). This Replica is crucial for your Linked Clone pool and therefor protected in vCenter so an Admin can’t delete it by accident.  Right-click on a Replica and you will see that “delete from disk” is grayed out. When you delete a Linked Clone pool, the replica(s) will be deleted as well. So first of all, the right way of deleting a replica is to delete the pool in View Manager. Personally, I always “Disable Pool” and “Disable Provisioning” for the pool in View Manager before I delete that pool. Sometimes it is necessary to manually unprotect the Replica and delete is. Below you will find the steps I take;

  • Open the vCenter Client and connect to the vCenter Server. Decide which Replica you need to unprotect.
  • In vCenter Client, go to “Home” and “Search”. Search for your Replica. What you will see is the Inventory Path of your Replica. You will need the Data Center name and Folder name later on.


  • Logon to your vCenter/Composer Server -> Start -> Run -> CMD
  • Navigate to the installation path of Composer. Default is;

32-bit; C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View Composer

64-bit; C:\Program Files (X86)\VMware\VMware View Composer

  • Type; “SviConfig –operation=UnprotectEntity”. This command will show you all options/examples you have around unprotecting VM’s and Replica’s. Before this I copied/pasted a command I used before and which I saved in Notepad. That didn’t work. Apparently the command changed a bit after I upgraded to a newer version. So, for the latest command for your version, follow this step #5.

  • Follow “Example 2”, unprotecting a Replica. Just a couple of comments;

-DsnName=SVI; = the ODBC DSN name of  the Composer data base

-InventoryPath; = “/Your Data Center Name you looked up in #2/vm/The Folder you looked up in #2/replica name

  • Now your Replica is unprotected and you will be able to right click it and delete is from disk.

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