Make Project Octopus available via Horizon App Manager 1.5

In June 2012, VMware released Horizon Application Manager 1.5.

In the beginning of this year, 2012, VMware’s Project Octopus went beta;

Via Horizon you can give users access to enterprise applications. Think about ThinApp’d and SaaS apps.

Octopus is another application you can make available via Horizon App Manager. Octopus is a on-premise virtual appliance but nevertheless, you can give your users access to this Octopus appliance via Horizon.

I created a document (with help from some of my VMware colleagues) to make Octopus available via Horizon. I aware Octopus is still beta and not every one can have access to the code. However, I would like to show beta participants how to make Octopus available via Horizon.

Click on the below file to read the step=by-step guide to add Octopus to your Horizon implementation:

Octopus via Horizon App Manager

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