VMware Horizon Suite; it’s all coming together- overview

Day 2 of VMworld 2012 in San Francisco. VMware’s CTO Steve Herrod and Vice Preseident Marketing End User Computing Vittorio Viarengo are on stage. They talk about and show the Horizon Suite: an integrated platform for the mobile workforce where they can access their apps and data from any device, any time, anywhere. To review the keynote, click here

Déjà vu! Didn’t you hear that last year as well? So, what is the big news? To me, that is 1 word and what that word is supposed to represent: Suite! To me a suite is a bundle of products, which are all integrated. Last year, VMware showed a bunch of cool products (well, more projects). They were more or less point solutions. With the Horizon Suite, all these point solutions are coming together as 1 integrated platform, and that is a big thing!

During the keynote, specific products were shown and discussed like VMware Mirage and IOS capabilities within Horizon Mobile. I will not discuss these details now because I would like to give you an overview first.

The Horizon Suite, currently is alpha code. During the keynote, Steve Herrod mentioned Horizon Suite will go beta at the end of 2012. That’s quite quick!

So, Horizon Suite is a bundle of products but which ones? The keynote and video mentions the following products:

  • Horizon App Manager: the universal services broker
  • VMware View: VMware’s VDI solution
  • VMware ThinApp: VMware’s application virtualization product
  • Project Appblast: HTML5 remoting of desktops and applications
  • Horizon Data, aka project Octopus: the follow me data solution or as mentioned before, Dropbox for the enterprise
  • Horizon Mobile: VMware’s solution to make BYO mobile devices possible and secure.

So, can you imagine, 1 place, where you can access your data, desktop(s) and apps. One place which is your starting point, every day, your follow me workspace?! Accessible via a browser or native app. Check out the Horizon Suite video on Youtube to get an idea.

Horizon Suite short demo VMworld 2012

We just have seen Horizon Suite from a user perspective in the video. Now, think about the admin side. IT now can deliver IOS, Windows, ThinApps, SaaS and Android apps via 1 central managed way, and add policies to them. Well, apply policies to a user to be more specific. The user is the central figure. Policies should apply on him/her and the device that person is using.

To conclude this article, I believe Horizon Suite is a major step in the right direction and is a huge deal. It isn’t easy to integrate all those products but it is a must do. Yes, just like you I still have very specific questions around the integration of products, like, will I be able to save files to Horizon Data when I working via an app which I access through Appblast technology. When I access my workspace via a Mac, will I still see ThinApp apps or will they be removed because intelligence is build in. Time will tell and I’m very confident.

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