My move to Varonis

On the 1st of October 2019, I moved from Microsoft to Varonis. Very much out of my comfort zone, I have to say, but also very exciting. After so many years of large US vendors like IBM, VMware and Microsoft, now a small company. Almost a startup where I am based. I hardly knew Varonis at that time. I had seen the product at my, back then, Microsoft customer and he was very thrilled about it (fair to say that customer also was a happy Microsoft customer but was missing features regarding unstructured data security) . When he was explaining and showing Varonis, I got more and more excited! On-prem, Cloud, file servers, Sharepoint, Exchange, One Drive, permissions, data classification, many reports, a nice dashboard (and so much more but I learned about that later on). A complete overview of a company’s unstructured data environment! Nothing I had seen before.

So, after almost 3 years at Microsoft, where I covered Azure Information Protection (amongst other solutions) I moved over to Varonis. It’s been 5 months now I have been on board and still learning a lot about the products and it keeps on impressing me.

In the next period I will publish blogs about Varonis and its capabilities. Hopefully i can share my enthusiasm with you but more importantly, make you realise protecting unstructured data is of high importance. It isn’t only hackers, malware, phishing attacks but also human errors which increased the risk of data breaches. My goal is to show you how Varonis can mitigate those risks and give you deep insights in your data.

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